Built4People (B4P)

BUILT4PEOPLE is a co-programmed partnership in Horizon Europe’s Cluster 5 (Climate, Energy and Mobility)

It brings together the European Commission (EC) and two leading associations (ECTP and WorldGBC Europe) with a membership base of actors in the built environment.

The partners co-programme EU research and innovation funding for the built environment, ensuring it is invested in projects which will accelerate innovations towards a sustainable, people-centric transformation of Europe’s built environment sector.

The Built4People partners bring together the whole value chain to accelerate people-centric innovation for a sustainable built environment. Within the context of this partnership, a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the next few years has been developed that determines the topics in which the EU-funds will be invested.

NEBULA is an EU-funded project launched within the scope of B4P to establish a network of Innovation Clusters across Europe

The Built4People Innovation Cluster network that NEBULA will support will connect innovators and the wider value chain. Its main aim will be to accelerate the deployment and scaling of new sustainable solutions and innovations in the built environment sector. Clusters can help open up new markets for products and services and foster collaborative approaches to overcome market barriers.