The New European Bauhaus (NEB)

Launched by the European Commission, the New European Bauhaus (‘NEB’ in short) is a cross-disciplinary initiative that aims to re-think the future of our living places. It is structured around three core principles:

  • Beautiful: inspired by art and culture, responding to needs beyond functionality.
  • Sustainable: in harmony with nature, the environment, and our planet.
  • Together: encouraging a dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages.

The NEBULA project is organising several actitivites to support the adoption and widespread of the New European Bauhaus concepts and practicies:

  • The NEB handbook

    All you ever wanted to know is in this handbook with concrete examples. You can download it here: NEB Handbook

  • Webinars: New Bauhaus stories

    A series of webinars is organised with a variety of stakeholders to explore all aspects of the New European Bauhaus. Check out this page.

  • Network of NEB Advisors

    NEB Advisors are contact points within local ecosystems of the construction industry that you can contact for information and support about the NEB. More information here

Here is a preview of the webinar programme:

You can also visit the following website of the European Commission to learn more:

Your guide to the New European Bauhaus

Our team has designed some guidelines to lead you through the concepts and initiatives of the New European Bauhaus, and provide you with concrete examples as well as funding and networking opportunities.

You can download this NEB handbook here.