The built environment is facing two major challenges: becoming more sustainable and more “people-centric” to improve individual well-being and social cohesion while delivering an efficient answer to climate change and biodiversity reduction. To overcome these challenges, combined technological and social innovations are needed.

NEBULA brings transdisciplinary support to innovators

The NEBULA project is set to convene a powerful network of innovators to accelerate transformation in the Built Environment sector. It aims to activate and nurture a network of Innovation Clusters, connecting and scaling innovations across Europe, and make the bridge between two key initiatives launched by the European Commission:

NEBULA has three main goals depicted below.

Project activities

The project’s activities consist in:

  • Spreading a trans-disciplinary and participative approach to innovation, through dedicated resources, and networking and peer learning actions related to the New European Bauhaus. More info here
  • Facilitating networking and collaboration between innovators through the formal set up of a B4P Innovation Clusters network, with customised support to members, from maturity assessment to training, matchmakings and promotion of their innovations. More info here
  • Improving access to public and private funds for innovators through a dedicated finance help desk, providing guidelines and tools to identify and respond to public and private funding opportunities. More info here


The NEBULA project is coordinated by DOWEL Innovation and gathers:

  • Three European associations: ACE, ECTP and WGBC, the two latter being members of the Built4People Partnership
  • Two technical centers: TECNALIA is Spain and NOBATEK INEF4 in France
  • Two regional clusters from the construction sector, as co-designers and beta testers of the services developed: BUILD INN in the Basque Country (Spain), and ODEYS in Occitanie (France)
  • Two consultancy companies specialising in innovation management: R2M Solution and DOWEL Innovation, France.

Project info and contact

The NEBULA project runs from October 2022 to March 2025.

For more information:

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The NEBULA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101079859.