Tideline: propose your collaborative solutions for the challenges met by costal cities!

The Waves of change coalition and BPI France (the national one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs) are organising the new edition of the the Tideline Startup Challenge, where Collaboration is Key (3-4 June 2024, in Biarritz, France).

This Challenge is designed to bring Startups together with Cities and address Critical Coastal Cities Challenges.
Start-ups can present their solutions answering to Sea Level Rise, Global Warming, Air Pollution, Water Quality, Tourism Impact, Energy Management, Sustainable Mobility, Port and Shipping Transition, Fishing, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Urban Planning, Public Health, and more.

The event is designed to allow all participants to create new partnerships and access to investors and cities and benefit from funding and commercial opportunities.


Visit their webpage to learn and apply to the challenge (deadline set in January 2024):