New Bauhaus Stories Episode #4: let’s talk about renovation!

To achieve 2050 targets, buildings’ energy needs must be reduced massively to improve their energy performance in line with the Energy Efficiency First Principle. To that end, existing buildings need to transform into energy-efficient buildings, with a circular approach and a reduction of whole life-cycle carbon. But they also have to better answer occupants needs and account for social inclusion.

Several EU funded projects are currently developing and demonstrating solutions for the deep renovation of buildings, to unlock the EU Renovation Wave. They develop different types of innovative renovation packages, circular and digitalised approaches, as well as novel business models and marketplaces.

Episode #4 of our webinar series “New Bauhaus Stories” will give you the opportunity to meet 5 of those projects: REHOUSE,  Drastic,  e-SAFE InCUBE  and Fortesie while discussing how their innovations go beyond energy efficiency and embrace the values of the New European Bauhaus: sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics.

Date: June 4

Time: 12:00 CET

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