Recording of webinar with ‘NEB-by-design’ startups available!

The recording of episode #3 of our webinar series “New Bauhaus Stories” is now available online here.

It addresses the following questions:

  • Is the New European Bauhaus (NEB) compatible with a business approach?
  • Can we develop solutions that both embed the inspirational values of the NEB (sustainability, beauty, inclusivity) whilst also appealing to a competitive market?

The session gathers three startups that developed ‘NEB-by-design’ solutions with the support of a dedicated mentoring and funding programme launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Community NEB.

Natalia Vera, Climate KIC, introduces the NEB Journey proposed by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) NEB Community to support innovators and accelerate start-ups. Speakers from European start-ups that have developped ‘NEB-by-design’ solutions share their respective experience:

  • Geoffrey Eberle, ENTROPIC,  introduces the NEST solution from Spain, a façade panel technology that creates living spaces for plants and animals within the urban environment, while improving buildings’ acoustic and thermal performance.
  • Anastasya Syvolob presents GEODESIC.LIFE, a Ukrainian startup that commercialises affordable prefabricated eco-friendly dome homes.
  • Moujan Mahdian tells us about IMPERFECT (Belgium), an online platform enabling circular construction with streamlined audits of reclaimed materials and integrated environmental impact tracking.

The guest speakers then discuss the support available from a dedicated mentoring and funding programme launched by the EIT Community NEB and give recommendations for entrepreneurs interested in applying for this scheme.