Built4People Partnership at the European Cluster Conference

B4P was at the European Cluster Conference 2024 !

It was a pleasure to greet you at our stand to help us build the B4P Innovation Clusters network. 

The different sessions of the conference demonstrated the role of clusters in engaging and strenghtening strategic European value chains. This becomes especially true when clusters join forces and connect as a network of clusters. Indeed, a network of clusters allows SMEs to complement each other along the value chain at European level, while also allowing them to be more attractive at an international scale, thus offering them more market opportunities and negociation strength. A stronger collaboration will also facilitate the attraction of investments, and reduce associated risks.

To defend this statement, different metaclusters from large and strategic European value chains presented their activities and outcomes. These metaclusters represented the automotive, electronics, aerospace and food industries.

However, no large European metacluster had yet been formed for the construction setor, despite it being flagged as the second largest industrial ecosystem in the EU (see here the Transition Pathway for Construction). Based on this observation, the B4P partnership is creating its network of clusters, the B4PIC, and encourages a closer cooperation between stakeholders from the quadruple helix in the built environment. We launched a first call for expression of interest in January 2024, and selected 12 first members to join the B4PIC network.

What’s next?

We now need you to make the most out of the B4PIC network! Let us know what your needs are, and don’t hesitate to propose projects ideas or peer-learning activities to our members.

Do you want to join our network or take part in our activities? Contact us!