The Built4People Innovation Cluster Network is growing: congratulations to 16 prospective Built4People Innovation Clusters!

Following the call for expressions of interest for existing hubs or clusters within the European buildings and construction sector to become a Built4People Innovation Cluster (B4PIC), the Nebula project received a flood of applications during the last quarter of 2023. 16 ‘prospective’ B4PICs have now been identified and will proceed to the next phase of the cluster maturation process.

The multidisciplinary B4PIC Network aims to action sustainable innovation across the European built environment and to help to hit European Union (EU) climate targets for Europe’s ageing building stock, which is lagging behind in the green transition. The innovative network of clusters will also aim to scale new solutions, products and services aligned with the ambitions of the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus.

As part of the next step in the cluster identification and maturation process, each B4PIC will be assigned an accompanying partner from within the Nebula consortium. Accompanying partners will play a vital role in helping the B4PICs to set up their maturity roadmaps, with the collective aim for all prospective B4PICs to sign the Built4People Innovation Cluster Charter. The first group of nine prospective B4PICs are due to sign the charter at the Built4People Stakeholders Forum in Luxembourg on 23 September 2024.

A map of the B4PIC Network is shown above.

The firsts members of the B4PIC Network, Built:INN (Basque Country Construction Cluster) and Odéys (Cluster construction et aménagements durables in Nouvelle-Aquitaine), signed the B4PIC Charter on 18 September 2023, confirming their participation in the network. These clusters will collaborate to mobilise innovation in the building and construction sector in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra euroregion, and have now each embarked on the required cluster maturation process.

By signing the B4PIC Charter, the B4PICs declare their commitment to work collaboratively across the network and to fundamentally contribute to Built4People’s objectives, with respect to the New European Bauhaus (NEB) core values and working principles.

Follow the #NebulaB4P and #Built4People hashtags on social media for regular updates on the newly identified prospective clusters as they begin their journey towards joining the B4PIC Network.

Read more about the Nebula project here.


Webinar #3: Meet startups that make the New Bauhaus go to market!

Is the New European Bauhaus compatible with a business approach?

Can we develop solutions that both embed the inspirational values of NEB – sustainable, beautiful, inclusive – and hit a competitive market?

The webinar will explore these questions in company of three startups that developed NEB-by-design solutions, with the support of a dedicated mentoring and funding programme launched by the EIT Community NEB.


Natalia Vera, from Climate KIC, will introduce the NEB Journey proposed by the EIT Community New European Bauhaus to support innovators and accelerate start-ups.

Then three startups will present their projects, how the support received help them reach one step further, and what comes next:

  • Geoffrey Eberle will introduce the NEST solution (Spain), a façade panel technology that creates living spaces for the fauna and flora within the urban environment, while improving building’s acoustic and thermal performance.
  • Anastasya Syvolob will tell us about LIFE, a Ukrainian startup that commercialises affordable prefabricated eco-friendly dome homes
  • Moujan Mahdian will present IMPERFECT (Belgium), an online platform enabling circular construction with streamlined audits of reclaimed materials and integrated environmental impact tracking.

Participants will finally propose recommendations for entrepreneurs and applicants wishing to follow their path.

Date: 24th May, 11:30 CET

Registration link here.

Access to low-cost, long-term financing for deep renovations across Europe

Renovate Europe, along with other partners, is organising a hybrid high-level event “Engaging Retail Lenders in Home Renovations”, taking place on Tuesday, 23rd of April (link to register).

This event will be an opportunity to hear from banks and financial institutions what they are doing to finance energy renovation, engage with their representatives during the event, and help us show the sector’s support. You will notably meet representatives of financial institutions and organisations such as ING, BNP Paribas, the European Banking Authority, Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), and Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF).

This timely event will be an important moment to discuss how to raise the trillions of euros needed to finance the millions of renovations of buildings in the EU. Speakers and the audience will explore the synergies with the new European Energy Efficiency Financing Coalition, that is meeting the day before, and dive deeper into the instruments and financial frameworks that will unlock private financing for buildings renovation.

This event will also provide an overview of the current state of EU buildings’ renovation efforts and present the findings of the CS report Engaging Retail Lenders in Home Renovation. This report is calling for EU mortgage lenders to play a more proactive role in unlocking the trillions of home equity stored in the buildings owned by their clients through the voluntary uptake of the innovative instrument mortgage portfolio standards included in the EPBD. There is growing momentum for this instrument as over a third of the top-30 banks in Europe already have in place a form of voluntary mortgage portfolio standard.

NEBULA at the New European Bauhaus Festival, gathering several EU-funded projects

The NEBULA team participated to the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels, from 9 to 13 April 2024.

The NEB Festival aims to bring together people from all walks of life to debate and shape our future. The second edition of the Festival explored topics such as shelter and living environments, land and water, fashion and human wellbeing in light of the changing environment. An inclusive and human-centric approach aims to inspire and engage individuals in embracing sustainable choices and fostering a deep connection to the New European Bauhaus movement.

NEBULA organised a booth hosting several EU-Funded projects related to the construction sector. The  REGEN, INPERSO, REHOUSE, Eyes Hearts Hands and RINNO projects featured their respective activities and solutions, and had a unique opportunity for networking.

Visit NEBULA at the NEB Festival!

Join the NEBULA partners in Brussels on 9—13 April at our dedicated booth in the Fair area of the New European Bauhaus Festival.

Hosted by the European Commission, this Festival is an event where imagination meets sustainability and inclusivity for a beautiful future!

You will be able to meet several projects funded by the Built4People Partnership at the NEBULA booth: EHHUR, RINNO, REGEN, INPERSO and REHOUSE.

Come and visit us!

Registration open for the second webinar ‘New Bauhaus Stories’: meet NEB prize awardees!

The second webinar of the NEW BAUHAUS STORIES series  is a satellite event to the NEB Festival, and aims to review and discuss some specific projects with their authors who were awarded a NEB prize.

  • Xifré’s Rooftop: “Floating” Wild Garden

Award category (2021): Buildings renovated in a spirit of circularity

A heritage building rooftop in Barcelona was renovated with a dual purpose: architecture and ecology. Covering an early 19th-century block of ten buildings, this contemporary roof garden creates a “floating” wild space that enhances urban biodiversity and opportunities for social interaction between neighbours.

Speaker: Sergio Carratalá,, CEO and founder, MataAlta Design Studio


  • ERDEN PURE Walls

Award category (2021): Techniques, materials and processes for construction and design

The project from Austria uses prefabricated unstabilised rammed earth as a building material that is 100% natural and recyclable. The material is unstabilised because no cement is added to the mixture: this enables the walls, besides their natural, earthy look, to passively regulate indoor temperature and humidity. The raw material is excavated as waste product from local construction sites. ERDEN engages with local craftsmen, carpenters or ceramicists to co-design each solution.

Speaker: Martin Rauch, Founder and Managing Director, Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH


  • De Korenbloem housing project with ‘invisible care’

Award category (2022): Prioritising the places and people that need it the most

De Korenbloem is a housing project for vulnerable residents in Belgium. This “care campus” is designed for people with dementia, stroke-related disabilities, and somatic symptom disorder. It combines residential buildings with a network of facilities, such as day-care and a neighbourhood services centre. The project aims to advance adapted, multifunctional and socially integrated care systems that reduce isolation.

Speaker: Kristof Claeys, Managing director, De Korenbloem

Date: 16 April 2024.

Registration link here

This webinar is hosted by the BUILD UP platform


Nebula project launches New European Bauhaus webinar series

The Nebula project is launching a series of webinars, entitled ‘New Bauhaus Stories’.

The first episode of the series, held on 14 March 2024 at 10:30 AM CET, will focus on Co-creation in urban regeneration – Insights from New European Bauhaus (NEB) and Cities Mission projects.

The session, co-organised with the CRAFT project, aims to discuss how two ongoing urban regeneration schemes are being co-designed with citizens and various stakeholders from the construction value chain.

Two demonstration sites will present their respective approaches:

  • Pedersgata, Stavanger, Norway [NEB-STAR project]

The Pedersgata area is a mature urban neighbourhood in the city centre of Stavanger, featuring a mix of traditional wooden houses, high-rise buildings, restaurants and shops. The district has the highest poverty rate in the city, but also strong local involvement and an artistic and creative scene.

As a first phase, the NEB-STAR project is testing a series of co-design tools to involve local residents and professionals. In particular, we will present how the architectural office works together with the local chamber of commerce, property owners, social and youth entrepreneurship to regenerate the area with place-based and community-based interventions.

Speakers: Helen and Hard Architecture Office, participants in the NEB-STAR Pedersgata and Site4016 Testbeds


  • Quay district in Bruges, Belgium [Re-value project]

The City of Bruges will present the Quay District (Kaaidistrict) as a structuring element in its climate-neutrality strategy. The Quay District is an urban port area that connects the city centre with the harbour, with a coherent and ambitious vision of the future. In Re-Value, Bruges works together with the harbour authorities, digital twin and climate strategy experts, local cultural organisations, schools and youth, local maker spaces and food producers, to interweave the different functions, driven by spatial efficiency, economic profitability, as drivers for actionable, sustainable lifestyles.

Speakers: from the City of Bruges

Click here to register for the webinar.

For information on the next episodes, visit this page.

NEBULA is gathering B4P projects at the New European Bauhaus Festival

The New European Bauhaus Festival will kick start on 9th April in Brussels, with an inspiring programme of events.

The NEBULA partners will hold a booth at the NEB Fair with several other projects funded by the European Commission and Built4People Partnership .

Let’s me you there!

Join the NEBULA project session at the ECP Conference in March!

The 10th ECTP Conference will be held on 5-6 March 2024 in Brussels. Stakeholders from innovation in the whole construction value-chain will share their experience and representatives of the European Commission will inform the attendees about the latest policy development related to the sector, and outline how the EU Construction Industry is at the heart of the Built Environment green and digital transitions.

The NEBULA partners DOWEL Innovation and ECTP will lead a special session during day 1, entitled Networking clusters through Europe to reach the ambitions of the B4P Partnership and of the New European Bauhaus.

NEBULA is also organising an exhibition of roll-up posters dedicated to the dissemination of information and/or results of European projects. The available spaces will be allocated (free of charge) to registered conference attendees on a first come first served basis.

More information:

Twelve ‘Built environment’ projects gather in Brussels to share their experiences and recommendations

On September 25th 2023, representatives from twelve projects funded under Horizon Europe, and developing solutions for building renovation, met at the invitation of the European Commission to share their experience, challenges and good practices.

These projects were funded under energy efficiency-related calls and under the Built4People partnership. Were represented: NEBULA, co-organiser of the event, DRIVE O, RINNO, SUREFIT, e-SAFE, InCUBE, inperso, EBENTO, FORTESIE, AEGIR, RE-SKIN and REHOUSE.


After an introduction by CINEA and DG ENER, the agenda included an introduction to the Built4People partnership and the recent launch of the Built4People Innovation Cluster network, a short presentation of each project, and some working sessions.

The two parallel working sessions, respectively focused on Innovative technological solutions, and Digital solutions, business models and construction workflows, addressed the following themes:

  • State of the art and progress brought by each project
  • Challenges faced by the projects
  • Lessons learnt and success stories
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Proposal of topics for the upcoming B4P calls
  • Synergies between projects.

All presentations can be downloaded here.

The brainstorming material (sticky notes and paper boards) are also available below:

For any question or request regarding this even, please contact