New resources available to support you in finding funding opportunities!

Both reports have been prepared by partners of the NEBULA Project and address innovators and intermediaries of the built environment (SMEs, start-ups, research centres etc.), and particularly innovation clusters and their members. These reports represent the first building blocks of the funding toolbox, which will be made available on the Built4People website (from September 2023).

Below are links and a short description of each of these new resources:

Review of the most promising co-financing models to foster open innovation

Introduces the funding and financing landscape for innovators (mains stakeholders, funding programmes etc.), enhanced with concrete examples (of funding opportunities and start-ups funding’s pathways) from the NEBULA target countries: Finland, France, Hungary, Italy and Spain. Finally, it presents a set of recommendations for innovators from the built environment looking to raise funds. See the full report here

First report on public and private fundraising opportunities

Presents a selection of currently available fundraising opportunities. See the full report here

A more complete and interactive database can be found on the Metabuilding platform (here).


Main stakeholders of the innovation funding and financing landscape – from NEBULA’s report “Review of the most promising co-financing models to foster open innovation”