The Built4People Innovation Cluster Network is growing: congratulations to 16 prospective Built4People Innovation Clusters!

Following the call for expressions of interest for existing hubs or clusters within the European buildings and construction sector to become a Built4People Innovation Cluster (B4PIC), the Nebula project received a flood of applications during the last quarter of 2023. 16 ‘prospective’ B4PICs have now been identified and will proceed to the next phase of the cluster maturation process.

The multidisciplinary B4PIC Network aims to action sustainable innovation across the European built environment and to help to hit European Union (EU) climate targets for Europe’s ageing building stock, which is lagging behind in the green transition. The innovative network of clusters will also aim to scale new solutions, products and services aligned with the ambitions of the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus.

As part of the next step in the cluster identification and maturation process, each B4PIC will be assigned an accompanying partner from within the Nebula consortium. Accompanying partners will play a vital role in helping the B4PICs to set up their maturity roadmaps, with the collective aim for all prospective B4PICs to sign the Built4People Innovation Cluster Charter. The first group of nine prospective B4PICs are due to sign the charter at the Built4People Stakeholders Forum in Luxembourg on 23 September 2024.

A map of the B4PIC Network is shown above.

The firsts members of the B4PIC Network, Built:INN (Basque Country Construction Cluster) and Odéys (Cluster construction et aménagements durables in Nouvelle-Aquitaine), signed the B4PIC Charter on 18 September 2023, confirming their participation in the network. These clusters will collaborate to mobilise innovation in the building and construction sector in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra euroregion, and have now each embarked on the required cluster maturation process.

By signing the B4PIC Charter, the B4PICs declare their commitment to work collaboratively across the network and to fundamentally contribute to Built4People’s objectives, with respect to the New European Bauhaus (NEB) core values and working principles.

Follow the #NebulaB4P and #Built4People hashtags on social media for regular updates on the newly identified prospective clusters as they begin their journey towards joining the B4PIC Network.

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