Registration open for the second webinar ‘New Bauhaus Stories’: meet NEB prize awardees!

The second webinar of the NEW BAUHAUS STORIES series  is a satellite event to the NEB Festival, and aims to review and discuss some specific projects with their authors who were awarded a NEB prize.

  • Xifré’s Rooftop: “Floating” Wild Garden

Award category (2021): Buildings renovated in a spirit of circularity

A heritage building rooftop in Barcelona was renovated with a dual purpose: architecture and ecology. Covering an early 19th-century block of ten buildings, this contemporary roof garden creates a “floating” wild space that enhances urban biodiversity and opportunities for social interaction between neighbours.

Speaker: Sergio Carratalá,, CEO and founder, MataAlta Design Studio


  • ERDEN PURE Walls

Award category (2021): Techniques, materials and processes for construction and design

The project from Austria uses prefabricated unstabilised rammed earth as a building material that is 100% natural and recyclable. The material is unstabilised because no cement is added to the mixture: this enables the walls, besides their natural, earthy look, to passively regulate indoor temperature and humidity. The raw material is excavated as waste product from local construction sites. ERDEN engages with local craftsmen, carpenters or ceramicists to co-design each solution.

Speaker: Martin Rauch, Founder and Managing Director, Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH


  • De Korenbloem housing project with ‘invisible care’

Award category (2022): Prioritising the places and people that need it the most

De Korenbloem is a housing project for vulnerable residents in Belgium. This “care campus” is designed for people with dementia, stroke-related disabilities, and somatic symptom disorder. It combines residential buildings with a network of facilities, such as day-care and a neighbourhood services centre. The project aims to advance adapted, multifunctional and socially integrated care systems that reduce isolation.

Speaker: Kristof Claeys, Managing director, De Korenbloem

Date: 16 April 2024.

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This webinar is hosted by the BUILD UP platform