Nebula project launches New European Bauhaus webinar series

The Nebula project is launching a series of webinars, entitled ‘New Bauhaus Stories’.

The first episode of the series, held on 14 March 2024 at 10:30 AM CET, will focus on Co-creation in urban regeneration – Insights from New European Bauhaus (NEB) and Cities Mission projects.

The session, co-organised with the CRAFT project, aims to discuss how two ongoing urban regeneration schemes are being co-designed with citizens and various stakeholders from the construction value chain.

Two demonstration sites will present their respective approaches:

  • Pedersgata, Stavanger, Norway [NEB-STAR project]

The Pedersgata area is a mature urban neighbourhood in the city centre of Stavanger, featuring a mix of traditional wooden houses, high-rise buildings, restaurants and shops. The district has the highest poverty rate in the city, but also strong local involvement and an artistic and creative scene.

As a first phase, the NEB-STAR project is testing a series of co-design tools to involve local residents and professionals. In particular, we will present how the architectural office works together with the local chamber of commerce, property owners, social and youth entrepreneurship to regenerate the area with place-based and community-based interventions.

Speakers: Helen and Hard Architecture Office, participants in the NEB-STAR Pedersgata and Site4016 Testbeds


  • Quay district in Bruges, Belgium [Re-value project]

The City of Bruges will present the Quay District (Kaaidistrict) as a structuring element in its climate-neutrality strategy. The Quay District is an urban port area that connects the city centre with the harbour, with a coherent and ambitious vision of the future. In Re-Value, Bruges works together with the harbour authorities, digital twin and climate strategy experts, local cultural organisations, schools and youth, local maker spaces and food producers, to interweave the different functions, driven by spatial efficiency, economic profitability, as drivers for actionable, sustainable lifestyles.

Speakers: from the City of Bruges

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For information on the next episodes, visit this page.